50 years of Redemptorist Presence in Putumayo, Colombia


(Putumayo, Colombia) – Redemptorist missionaries celebrate 50 years of their presence in Putumayo, Colombia. The main celebration was on Sunday 23 September 2018. The mandate has been given by the Holy See to administer pastorally in the Apostolic Vicariate of Sibundoy, and then the Diocese of Mocoa-Sibundoy. This first celebration of 50 years was held last Friday, presided over by the Provincial Fr. Jorge Gómez Rueda.

Many Redemptorist priests and brothers have given their youth and health in these lands of Putumayo. Today we are only in the parish of La Hormiga. So many vehicles have travelled from the Province, so many times,  carrying a good group of confreres to these places and most of them worked a considerable time in this land.

On the occasion of the celebration of 50 years of Redemptorist presence in Putumayo,  a commemorative brochure was published with some historical and pastoral information. All the confreres will receive a copy. It will also be given to the  Bishop and the parish priests of the Diocese of Mocoa-Sibundoy, and to each family of La Hormiga. A card was also issued and a plaque will be left in the Church.

We congratulate the confreres who worked in Putumayo and those who are currently responsible for La Hormiga.


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