Extraordinary Visitation – Osaka, Japan


September 4-8, 2018

(Osaka, Japan) The city of Osaka, the venue of the extraordinary visitation, had her own extraordinary visitor on the day the participants were expected to arrive in the city. Jebi, the strongest typhoon to hit the country of Japan in 25 years hit the Osaka region killing at least 10 people and caused widespread damage and disruption. Flights were cancelled: three confreres (Frs. Macario, Emmanuel, and Stefano) from Seoul, Korea, could not come at all; Fr. Philip was stranded in the train station for 10 hours. Fr. Ben had to travel via Narita to come to Osaka. Fr. Inoue was driving alone from Tokyo to Osaka amidst the rain and the strong wind while Fr. Seto and company just arrived at the convent of the Passionist sisters when the wind became stronger that toppled a giant pine tree in the compound an hour later. Two confreres arrived only the next day. But, all along, God was with us.

The killer typhoon did not dampen the spirit of the participants, though reduced in number, we were energized by the sharing of confreres that came from the various units of the Conference and the warm hospitality of the confreres from the Vice Province of Japan. The long hours of meetings were complemented by the happy hours after supper. Language became less of a barrier during the presentations and sharing because of the generosity of those who offered spontaneous translation to those in need and our common Alphonsian spirit of brotherhood brought unity despite the cultural diversities.

Collaboration became the common theme that permeated all the proposals be it in the mission, community or in formation at the end of the assembly. We pray that this desire to be in solidarity in our Vita Apostolica continue to inspire all of us to be genuine witnesses of the Redeemer to our wounded world.

The participants were:

Vice Province of Japan: Fr. Seto Takashi, Fr. Mori, Raymundus, Fr. Inoue, Takashi, Fr. Girard, Jean-Raymond, Fr. Miwa, Joseph, Fr. Ishida, Philip, Fr. Fukuzaki, Jakob, Fr. Omatsu, Gerhard, Bro. Shimose, Toshihisa

Region of Korea: Fr. Joseph Kang, Fr. Mario Masangkay.

V-Province of Manila: Fr. Dennis Despues, Fr. Brian Espejo

General Government: Fr. Sebastian Ani Dato

Fr. Jovencio L. Ma, C.Ss.R (Coordinator)