Bishop Dom Vincente composed a song for the people of Brumadinho


(Brazil) – The Redemptorist Bishop Dom Vicente Ferreira, a reference to the Valley of Paraopeba, Auxiliary bishop of Belo Horizonte, composed a song dedicated to Brumadinho. Poet and composer, Bishop Dom Vicente presented the song at the 30th day mass of the deceased of the victims of the tragedy, celebrated last February 25th in the Church of São Sebastião, Matriz de Brumadinho. The song reveals the beauty, the lament and also the request of the people of Brumadinho.

Dom Vicente says that for a time he had no words to utter about the tragedy experienced by the people of Minas Gerais, but then he felt he had to leave a message. “This song was born from being immersed and drenched in all the difficult times of our people of Brumadinho. Up to a point, I could not say anything, not a word about it all; it was just a cry and a cry. But then came the need to look for a word and the desire to mark with that word a sharing and touch the sensitivity of other people, without hurting the pain of the other, but living the pain with the other,” he told A12.

Dom Vicente blesses firefighters during a visit to the Córrego do Feijão Mine in Brumadinho (MG)

The bishop emphasizes in the letter the beauty of the small town and the peace that was lost with the rupture of the dam. From a serene and tranquil landscape – like the morning mist that Dom Vicente also wanted to represent as the soul of the people, came the weeping, and then the denunciation. “Music is a recognition of the beauty of our people and ecology, the deep lament for pain, for the desire for peace, and at the same time a denunciation because of the world so beautiful that God made is being played by the irresponsibility in mud valleys,” He says.

You can view the song being presented by the bishop at the Mass on the last day 25:

Dom Vicente canta em homenagem a Brumadinho

Durante Missa, parentes das vítimas também fazem homenagem ao bispo auxiliar dom Vicente Ferreira, que desde o dia 25 de janeiro, quando ocorreu o rompimento da barragem com rejeitos de mineração, passou a se dedicar, integralmente, às comunidades

Pubblicato da Arquidiocese de BH su Martedì 26 febbraio 2019

See also the video with a caption, which has production by Alvimar Liberato and Enéias Xavier and voices by Raquel Andrade and Dom Vicente: