A new volume on reconciliation edited by the Professors of the Alphonsian Academy is coming


(Rome) Today the sacrament of reconciliation is in crisis and the little affection for the confessional is valid both for the confessor and for the penitent. A crisis to be traced in multiple factors: the word “sin” which to many people no longer says anything, to have charged the celebration of this sacrament with a negative meaning, the risk that the priest takes possession of the sacrament preventing the grace of God from acting in the hearts.

Here is a text in which the professors of the Alphonsian Academy, in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary way, reflect on the practice of this sacrament. In fact, starting from a biblical, historical and somatic overview, and guided by the indication from the Apostolic Exhortation Veritatis Gadium, the authors reflect on possible pastoral ways, for the outgoing church, able to respond to the difficulties that the sacrament of reconciliation encounters in our context and how this sacrament can be lived in pastoral praxis in Easter perspective and at the same time inserting it in the priestly service to the formation of the consciences of the faithful for their full maturity in Christ.

Volume editors,

AV Amarante and Filomena. Sacco
Sacramental Reconciliation. Moral and pastoral practice
Padua 2019