Central America meets in Costa Rica


The meeting of the ordinary governments of the provinces of Mexico, Central America, San Juan and the region of Haiti ended on 9th of May. The members in the photo are the provincial fathers José Guadalupe Nazarín Ramos; Joaquín Frausto Nájera, provincial vicar; Carlos Flores Rodríguez, ordinary council member, members of the ordinary government of the province of Mexico. The meeting of the provincial government of Central America begins on Friday, May 10 in Costa Rica.

There are many concerns of the church in Latin America, the problem of migrants, who leave their homeland for different crises and terrible situations of misery and violence. The disoriented strength of young people who expect a word of hope from the Church. A political society that fails to remove the corruption of the social scene of poverty and lack of services. In this panorama of “wounded world” of Latin America, the Redemptorists are called to be witnesses of the Redeemer, witnesses of the Lord of Justice and Peace.

Bosco R./CE

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