Training for young priests in Goshev


(Goshev, Ukraine) The young priests were trained in the monastery of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin from 1st to 4th of May, 2019, in Goshev . The association of devout persons organized a training for them on “Effective Communication as an Instrument for Achieving Goals” for them. Priests from several regions of Ukraine came to the west. The first day of the training was held by Andriy Shestak, who spoke about the dialogue between the Church and the media, as well as content management.

Subsequently, Olena Kuligina, a lawyer and journalist with many years of experience in the religious environment, worked with the fathers.

“They talked about public relations, SMM in the service of church communication, examples of positive and negative experience of religious structures on the public platform of social networks. Prayer, learning, wonderful surrounding landscapes of spring, new acquaintances are the moments that contribute to the perception of useful information that needs to be practically applied in life, “said Olena Kuligina.

Thanks to the organizers, lecturers and the participants for their excellent work.

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