Mons. Waldo, a Bolivian Redemptorist appointed as Apostolic Vicar of Reyes


(Reyes, Bolivia) During the Eucharistic celebration in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Angelo Accattino, several bishops and a cathedral full of priests, special guests and faithful of all ages, Mons. Waldo Rubén Barrionuevo Ramírez, C.SS.R. was appointed as Apostolic Vicar of Reyes.

At the beginning of the celebration, the Apostolic Nuncio read the declaration of the Papal bull of the appointment to the present congregation. In his homily, Bishop Waldo emphasized the message of the Gospel. “With what authority you do these things, they asked Jesus, with what authority you invite a Bishop to serve the people of God, you cannot explain. It is the God who entrusts this service to a person, with his strengths and weaknesses. This is what happened with the previous bishops and with me.”

The new Apostolic Vicar thanked God for the presence of his visiting brother bishops who expressed the unity and communion of the Church and asked for this same gift for the presiding Church. Soon after the Eucharistic celebration, the members of the parish organized a cultural event where people of different religious and lay groups expressed their joy and love to Mons. Waldo Barrionuevo and his guests.

Mons. Waldo Rubén Barrionuevo Ramírez, C.SS.R.

Born on 9 September 1967 he joined the congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (the Redemptorists) on 2 February 1992, professed his vows on 25 March 1996. Ordained a priest on 25 October 1997, on 15 February 2014 he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Reyes in Bolivia and on 1 June 2019 appointed Vicar Apostolic of the same Vicariate.

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