End of the Spiritual Renewal of the month of the conference of Europe


(Tuchów, Poland) The Spiritual Renewal Month has ended at the Redemptorist Conference of Europe on August 3 in Tuchów. The whole program was intended to deepen the charism of the Congregation of the Holy Redeemer.

The participants of this international event were confreres preparing for perpetual profession and Fathers and Brother experiencing a renewal period foreseen a few years after their commitments. The first part of the Month of Renewal took place in a retreat house near the interprovincial novitiate in Lubaszowa, while the second part was in Tuchów where the Higher Theological Seminary of Redemptorists of the Province of Warsaw is located.

This year’s Month of Renewal was richly filled with excellent lectures. They were conducted, among others by well-known and respected Redemptorist confreres. In addition to Father Johannes Rӧmelt, C.Ss.R, Father Janusz Sok, C.Ss.R, Father Ronnald McAinsh, C.Ss.R. Father Alfonso Amarante CSsR and Father Krzysztof Bieliński CSsR. They touched upon topics such as: “Characteristics of the original community of the Congregation of the Holy Redeemer”, “Alphonsian reading of God’s mercy” or “The vow of poverty in the light of the Holy Scriptures and the practice of Redemptorist life.”

The last day was led by the Vicar of the Provincial of the Warsaw Province, Father Dariusz Paszyński, CSsR. In his conference, he talked about ongoing formation. However, at the end of the Mass, he expressed immense gratitude to all who contributed to the organization of this event.

To conclude, the past month was a time of deepening relationships with Jesus Christ and building brotherly ties that I hope will remain forever.

Paweł Orzeł CSsR

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