Redemptorist History Conference VIII from October 21 to 24 in Oconomowoc

Bishop Wlliam McCarty and a Newton Grove confirmation class in 1944 (Archive Photos)

(Wisconsin, United States) A relevant topic, “Redemptorists and Race,” virtually guarantees interesting discussions at the Institute of Redemptorist Historical Studies – North America’s triennial conference scheduled October 21-24 at the Redemptorist Retreat Center in Oconomowoc.

“We have evolved from a group of European immigrant Redemptorists who arrived in 1832 to work with immigrants and Native Americans/First Nation Peoples, to a diverse community working with migrant groups and parishes struggling to integrate immigrant communities,” explained Fr. Rich Luberti. “We have all heard the stories: The pastor at St. Alphonsus ‘Rock’ Church in St. Louis who told parishioners concerned about the influx of African-Americans, ‘Catholic means universal. Everyone will be accepted here.’ Or the German and Irish families fleeing to the suburbs when large numbers of Hispanics infiltrated their Redemptorist parish in the Bronx. We will discuss how Redemptorists have historically treated racial issues, focusing on the African-Americans, Indigenous Canadians, Hispanics, Vietnamese and Afro-Carribeans.”

Fr. Rich encourages everyone to participate – his confreres, our partners in mission and anyone else interested in exploring how the Redemptorists have dealt with the issue of race.

The Conference is open to all. The total cost for room and board will be $250 for the Conference dates. Please make your reservations with the Redemptorist Retreat House as early as possible since the number of participants is limited.

To make reservations, please contact: Redemptorist Retreat Center, 1800 N Timber Trail Lane Oconomowoc, WI 53066.  Phone: 262-567-6900

Kristine Stremel

For more information, kindly view the brochure: IRHS-NA Conference 2019 081519

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