Retreat of the Redemptorist Mission of Ghana


(Sokode-Etoe, Ghana) Following a successful Mission Assembly, the Redemptorist Mission of Ghana–with all the brothers present–had a wonderful time of being closer to God in a retreat that took place from 25th to 26th September, 2019 at Scala House, our premier community, in Sokode-Etoe.

The retreat was directed by Fr. Patrice Nyanda, C.Ss.R, Superior of the Redemptorist Vice Province of West Africa on the theme: “Witnesses in the Wounded World.” In his talks, he reflected with us that in order for us to identify the wounds of the world and heal them, we must first identify our own wounds as individuals and as a community. He then highlighted three types of wounds, namely: emotional, psychological, personal and societal; and exhorted us to take Jesus Christ as our model and follow in his steps–he who was first wounded by his own disciples and the society yet he sought forgiveness for them!

As a spiritual exercise, we journeyed with personal prayer and reflection, communal prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours, three conferences, and two Eucharistic celebrations: one in honour of the Most Holy Redeemer, and the other in memory of Blessed Gasper Stangassinger being presided over by Fr. Nyanda, and the Mission Superior, Fr. Christian Klu, C.Ss. R, respectively. There was also a very essential moment in the course of the retreat that was termed, “The Process of Reconciliation” led by Fr. Joterio Aghoja, C.Ss.R, Superior of the Vice Province of Nigeria. It was a time meant to heal wounds and to reconcile all the brothers.

In deed, after all is said and done, it was a time that helped us to deepen our relationship with God as a community of Redemptorists by inviting us to a renewal of our Redemptorist missionary vocation, and to reflect on Christ the Redeemer: Model of the Wounded par excellence.

Communications Crew, Ghana

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