Meeting of General Secretariat for Evangelization


The members of the General Secretariat for Evangelization met in Porto (Portugal) on 11-14 November.

During the first days, they accompanied the Commission for the Shared Mission in the completion of the Directory for the Shared Mission which, after incorporating the input received during the mid-sexenium meetings, is expected to be approved by the General Government in the coming weeks.

In the last two days, the Secretariat evaluated the work done by the various Committees that make it up and programmed the second half of the sexennium.

At the gathering, one could have noticed the good climate in the Committees and the enthusiasm of their members, as they were carrying out the decisions taken in the last General Chapter. It is worth highlighting the good pace in the development of the Shared Mission Directory, and the first drafts of the Lineamenta of the Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry,  and the Redemptorist church.

The General Secretariat also assisted the Conferences and the Units at their meetings that took place in the various fields of evangelization. The new Secretariat’s website is starting to provide news and useful resources for everyone (

We plan in the next months to intensify contact among heads of the Secretariats of Evangelization and the Commissions of every Unit and Conference to continuing work in a coordinated manner.

From here I would like to express a sincere thanks to the Province of Lisbon for the cordial welcome provided.

Fr. Pedro Lopez, C.Ss.R.