Moment of grace: XXIV Provincial Chapter of the Province of Mexico


(Mexico City, Mexico) – In the Province of Mexico, we celebrated the first part of the XXIV Provincial Chapter from November 11 to 15 of this year 2019. These days were full of joy, fraternity, reflection and joint work to be able to specify our Plan of the Apostolic Life for the next three years. During this time, thanks to the collaboration of the 17 participants from the Province of Mexico, we managed to express our missionary priorities with one voice. Also, we were able to delineate a common goal, along with criteria and strategies to carry it out.

The Holy Spirit was a great guide for us during these days. Thanks to His presence, we said “yes” to continue along the apostolic path that characterizes us in the Province of Mexico. And, at the same time, we found ourselves open to our future horizon of Reconfiguration. Our history and our future have merged, by the grace of God, to give light to our present.

The Redemptorists of Mexico, as faithful children of St. Alphonsus, we reaffirmed at this Chapter, our desire to continue the ministry of announcing the abundant redemption, especially towards those who are most abandoned. We invite everyone to enjoy with us this bliss of joy and grace that God allowed us to experience in those days.

Deacon Agustín Cantú Drauaillet, C.Ss.R.

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