Restoring the Essential Relationship: “The Jesus Mission” in Denver Province


(Chicago, USA) A new parish mission format for the Denver Province that potentially will be available to all confreres in the North American Conference – “The Jesus Mission” – attempts to integrate the power of the preached word, congregational participation, song, and a consistent theological perspective into a “preached evangelization event.”

After a two-year creative process – and with the various components of the mission tested in multiple settings (although not yet as a complete experience) – “The Jesus Mission” is ready to be presented. It is designed for a three- or four-night presentation within a time frame of approximately 75 minutes. Redemptorist parishes in the Denver Province are invited to consider this preaching event as part of their evangelization efforts. Anyone interested in possibly scheduling the new mission may contact Fr. Tom Santa at After the mission has been presented three or four times, there will be a gathering of confreres who may be interested in presenting this new format as part of their own preaching apostolates.

Tom Santa, C.Ss.R.