“For World”: Redemptorist Spirituality for 2020 by the Redemptorists of Tuchow


Explore, understand, accept and live!

Stop. Let’s stop. Look. Holy Spirit invited you to take up some kind of lifestyle. Enter the world of redemptorist’s spirituality! Every Tuesday of 2020 there will be waiting for you something to watch, listen or read (depending on what you prefer) presented in 4 chapters: SPIRIT, WITNESS, STUDENT and ROOTS.

This initiative is for everybody – so it’s also for you!

In a chapter named SPIRIT, you will find bases – this, what is the backbone of living with God and what follows from it – signposts to follow the path, that is prepared for you, that you might be a sign of His presence in the world.

WITNESS is a person, who was carried away by this subtle calling for the implementation of God’s plans in daily life. You will find support in him, you will see, how he was overcoming difficulties and what are the fruits of living that way.

STUDENT is this one, who is the closest to your situation… In this chapter, you will find the testimonies of the people, who are trying right now to show God to the world with their life. I trust, that you will realise this task in future. Of course, here is a question: In what way? 😉

The chapter named ROOTS will Focus on different events, which were through many generations answer for this invitation from the Holy Spirit. It will show, how our identity has been clarified.

This is the initiative for everybody – so it’s also for you!

We start on January 7th!

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