The year 2020 marks 50 years since the beginning of Cesplam in Spain


The origin of the missionary group dates back to the late sixties, Fr. Antonio Hortelano was then provincial. At that time, the missions were organized by the initiative of the communities, as had been done up to then, by the Secretariat for Pastoral Care or Evangelization. This change was motivated by a change in the organization of the missions since evangelization began with ecclesiastical jurisdictions and areas, which required the participation of missionaries from different communities.

The step forward in this process was taken by the first ordinary provincial chapter, held in El Escorial from 9th to 25th of April 1970, which had among its purposes “to plan the activity of the province for the future”. A document born out of that chapter includes these two decisions:

  1. “That the Secretariat of Evangelization (and within it the Cesplam) was the subject of study, promotion, planning and coordination of the missionary activity of the Province”, and
  2. “The creation of a team of missionaries dependent more directly on the Secretariat for Evangelization”.

From now on, the full-time mission team designated by the provincial government will be designated as Cesplam (Center for Missionary Studies and Planning), although open to the collaboration of other missionaries.

The Secretariat for Evangelization, appointed by the provincial government in its circular number of June 6, 1970, Cesplam began.

This Secretariat was made up of Frs. Pedro Santidrián (president), Luciano González del Burgo, Juan Pérez Riesco, Gregorio González Olano, Mariano Sánchez Anguiano, Pedro Núñez, Amable Mielgo, Basilio Caballero Álvarez, Gregorio Cavero and Alfonso Cuadrón.

Throughout 2020, we will reflect on our mission and offer the opportunity to participate in various missionary activities. Happy missionary year!

Víctor Chacón Huertas, CSsR

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