Alphonsian Academy in continuation of St. Alphonsus’ legacy


Founder of Redemptorist missionaries, St. Alphonsus Liguori was not only a great lawyer but also became one of the greatest moral theologians of the eighteenth century. Immediately after he was declared a Doctor of the Church, Redemptorists began to think about establishing an Institute of Moral Theology – says Fr. Alfonso Amarante CSsR as he explains origins of the Alphonsian Academy in a video presentation.

Following the Preside of the Academy, also the other Redemptorist professors – Frs. Martin McKeever CSsR, Aristide Gnada CSsR, Vimal Tirimanna CSsR, and Andrzej Wodka CSsR, talk about various aspects of St. Alphonsus’ legacy in theology and personal experience of their Redemptorist vocation and ministry as the theologians and teachers.

Video “Continuation of St. Alphonsus’s Heritage – Alphonsian Academy” is a part of the Project “For World” developed by the Students of Redemptorist Major Seminary in Tuchow, Poland.