Redemptorist Sanctuary responds to pandemic


Welcoming, evangelizing, and caring. These words represent the action of the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help of the Redemptorist Missionaries in Campos dos Goytacazes (Brazil). Social Ministry helps families in need with basic baskets, clothing, shoes, and hygiene products and masks in this time of the pandemic. The service currently serves about 150 families per month, and the post-pandemic expects to increase this number.

The reception marks a process of evangelization and care in the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Perpetuo Socorro, of the Redemptorist Missionaries in Campos dos Goytacazes, clothing, shoes and in this time of Pandemic delivers masks and alcohol gel. The action takes place monthly and serves families in social vulnerability.

The rector of the Shrine of Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro, Father Luís Carlos de Carvalho, emphasizes that the Church’s mission since its origins the Church has sought to care for the most fragile and abandoned people. In the 21st century, this mission has proven to be effective, because, through solidarity, many Catholics have been working, either by offering food, being on social fronts distributing food, or caring for the sick and elderly. The Shrine of Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro during the new coronavirus pandemic was deployed to serve the people of Campos and the region. With a tireless social pastoral, it has managed to alleviate part of the suffering of so many families ruined by unemployment and the State’s abandonment.

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