Short story about Redemptorists’ ministry in Siberia


In the missionary October, let us visit the distant Redemptorist parish in Kemerovo, Siberia, Russia. The video below takes us on travel. Passing broad and long Siberian ways and meeting the people, we can experience their simple life and hospitality and feel the thirst for Redemption, for the precious Jesus’ gift that He offers to everybody.

The Redemptorists in Russia and Kazakhstan started their work in 1993. They live in four communities in Russia (Orenburg, Orsk, Kemerovo, and Togliatti) and one community in Kazakhstan.  Currently, there are nine fathers from the Province of Warsaw. They work in widespread parishes – mainly in the Russian language, lead parish missions and retreats, publish books and other publications, and cooperate with the Orthodox Church on the ecumenical field, where it’s possible.

Click the link to watch the video “Short story about the Redemptorists in Siberia”: