Touching the life with the fingers of God


Fr. Rogério Gomes, General Consultor, published his new book entitled Touching Existence with God’s Fingers. The text consists of 60 meditations and, according to the author, the intention is to reflect, with some poetry, on the possibility we have of improving the quality of our way of life, savoring each moment with intensity. To do this, it is necessary to read the facts deeply, from different perspectives, and discover their meaning. There is always a wide range of possibilities and perceptions behind every event that allows us to have a more coherent and truthful vision of reality and give it meaning. Perhaps it is – the lack of meaning – that makes the post-modern world sick with depression, not only a psychological reality, but one that can be converted because the subject is unable to perceive himself in the world, to dialogue with his environment, and close himself off from it.

Fr. Rogério says he gave this title because the writing touches on different human realities. Our being does not pass unscathed through history. Not even the stones … they can build, support or hurt. And, in this existential mold, we are small stones that, in the hands of time and history, are transformed into a mosaic united by the breath of the Spirit.

The preface of the work is written by Sister Joana Terezinha Puntel, FSP, Doctor in Communication, with ample experience in teaching, advisor to various communication organizations, as well as the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) and the Religious (CRB). She writes: “The ‘fingers’ of God are weaving the art of living inwardly and going out into the world. It is communication as an internal relationship, with God, with yourself, in the depths of the nucleus. It is a ‘visceral’ relationship with God. And full, exuberant, possessed by the God who first loved us, he weaves us to be his image, his face in the ways of the world. On straight roads. On the winding roads. On the crossroads. In the joys. In pain. In the powerlessness of transformation. In the faith. In hope. In love. In the cross. In the Resurrection!”

After each meditation, the author proposes some questions and biblical references to help the reader go deeper into the theme.

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