“MARCH FOR LIFE” by Redemptorist pro-life group


Hanoi, Vietnam- At 8:00, on 07.03.2021, a group of youths took part in the annual pro-life march led by Fx Nguyễn Kim Phùng, CSsR. This event is held on the occasion of International Women’s Day on (March 8th). Sadly, rates of abortion often increased significantly after the day of celebration.

There were about 30 young people, including many non-Catholics joining the march despite the cold and rainy weather. They departed from the Redemptorist Church in Thai Ha, Hanoi and travelled through the main streets in this city.

As they were walking, they distributed leaflets on the street. At the major crossroads, the team leader allowed the members to stop and shout the slogan “Protect Life – Against Abortion, Protect Life – Protect the unborn babies”. It was in the rush hour, so they received a lot of attention from people surrounding them.

In total, the group travelled 12km and distributed 8,000 leaflets.

One member of the pro-life group said that: “women nowadays are being abused so much. There are many reasons why they have to choose “abortion”, such as economic pressures, two-child policy, the shame of being pregnant at a young age. But there is no reason to kill innocent beings.”

Another said: “The Redemptorist pro-life group organized a march on the streets of Hanoi, where the abortion was happening every day and every hour. We want to speak up, join hands to stop the killing. We want everyone to appreciate and protect life. And we want the babies to be loved, to be born! Protecting life is everyone’s responsibility.”

Duc Trung Vu, CSsR

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyNAbNPNJTw

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