The Duet between the Soul and Jesus in St. Alfonso’s Church


S. Alphonsus had his Duet between the Soul and Jesus, also called Passion Chant, performed for the first time in 1760, as an interlude between the catechesis and the sermon during the exercises for the people in the church of the Trinità dei Pellegrini. This information, which comes to us from Tannoia, helps us to understand that for St. Alphonsus, this musical masterpiece was fully part of his missionary work: it had to be an opportunity to help the people to interiorize what was proposed in the catechesis and preaching: music at the service of the missionary proclamation.

This was also the intention behind programming it in our church of St Alphonse in Rome, on 28th March, Palm Sunday, at the beginning of Holy Week, as a meditation to help those who listened to it to live the days of the Lord’s passion intensely.

But of course, it is also an opportunity to “taste” the musical talent of our Founder, his tenderness and at the same time his strength in proposing the drama of the Passion. This was also possible because of the competence and commitment of the artists who performed it and to whom we express all our gratitude.

Fr. Giovanni Congiu, C.Ss.R.

Dialogue between the soul and Jesus

A. – Where, Jesus, where are you going?
G. – I’m going for you to die.
A. – So for me to die
Here you go, dear God!
I want to come too,
I want to die with you.
G. – Stay in peace and understand
the love I bear you;
and when I am dead,
remember me.
Stay, therefore, O dear one,
and as a token of your love;
give me your whole heart,
And keep my faith.
A. -Yes, my Treasure, my Good,
all my heart I give to thee;
and all that I am,
I am all yours, my King.

See the website to find more historical information, the complete text of the piece and the musical score.

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