Campaign of “Asociación para la Solidaridad” for India


The Redemptorist NGOD of the Madrid Province, “Asociación para la Solidaridad”, is launching an Emergency Campaign to help India in this dramatic moment of uncontrolled expansion of COVID 19.
To this end, the Major Superiors of three Redemptorist Units in India have been contacted. They have already communicated the first needs.

🆘 Our Divyam Foundation:

👥 To care for more than 100 terminally ill patients.
🚑Organise the 24×7 ambulance service.
🍝Provide food kits, medical supplies and basic medicines 💊
🏥Link with hospitals close to the mission they work with to ensure medical assistance with Ventilators, Bipap, Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Flow Meters, Pulse Oximeters….
🆘 In Bangalore:
⛑reconvert their structures as space for administration oxygen, vaccines 💉 and to be a place of quarantine.
For this, they need basic sanitary equipment and oxygen. Every contribution adds up.

If you want to help, donate to:


ES82 0081 0640 6900 0221 5332

Bizum 00893