Br. Gaspar CSsR tackles religion, ethics and sports in NSS 2021

Br. Carlito “Karl” Gaspar, CSsR -

(Philippines) – Religion, ethics and sports take centerstage in the 19th session of the National Sports Summit 2021 (NSS) on Wednesday with redemptorist brother and renowned author Br. Carlito “Karl” Gaspar, CSsR, as main speaker.
Gaspar, a Doctor of Humanities at Xavier University, will discuss the relationship between sports and religion, and its most pronounced impact on the philosophy of modern sport through the various beliefs across nations.

The Davao City native will also give a glimpse on new developments that helped create a shift which brought sports and religious practices together.
He will also discuss the development of ethical values in promoting sports especially in promoting fair play and sportsmanship while building the moral character and leadership of the youth.
“This is a good topic for the Summit, as it will give us a better understanding on how sports and religion can peacefully coexist and be tools for development and unity”, Philippine Sports Commission Chairman William Ramirez said.

Karl has written more than 20 books on ethnographic studies of Indigenous People, peacebuilding in Mindanao and Mindanao history and theological discourses. His book “Manobo Dreams in Arakan” won the National Book Award for Social Sciences in 2013.
He was also vested the Lifetime Achievement award as author by the the Cardinal Sin Catholic Mass Media Awards and received the Parangal ng Sambayanan award from Ateneo de Manila University and the Datu Bago Award from Davao City in 2017.

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