Day of Eucharist Adoration to end the pandemic by Saint Alphonsus Theologate at Saigon


(Vietnam) The Covid-19 pandemic is raging in many parts of the world, especially in Vietnam. Trusting in God’s power of healing, the family of Saint Alphonsus Theologate, on the eve of the feast of Saint Alphonsus on 31st of July, had a quiet moment in Eucharistic adoration praying for the end of the pandemic, and also the occasion to pray for the victims of the pandemic, for the doctors, medical staff, and volunteers who are working day and night against the pandemic on the front lines.

The day of Adoration started with the memorial Mass of Saint Ignatius Loyola at 5:30 am. Sharing during the Mass, Director Joseph Do Dinh Tu mentioned two opposing faces mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew (cf. Mt 14:1-12). These are Saint John the Baptist and King Herod. John the Baptist – a prophet – willingly used his martyrdom to speak out the truth. On the contrary, Herod – a man with power, with money – was immersed in so many futile worlds and then made one mistake after another. Thereby, Fr Dinh Tu reminded the congregation of the image of a prophet who must know how to speak the truth, the voice of conscience, and above all, can discern what is the bad occasion to avoid, what is the good thing to do, so that after each day we try to be better, more worthy of our vocation. John the Baptist and Saint Ignatius Loyola are examples for all of us to learn and follow.

Then, according to the arranged schedule, after Mass was the hours of adoration of each group in the Theologate. Each brother comes to the place of adoration with his feelings of struggles and difficulties and praying for the others. But all of them share the same conviction that with the power of unceasing prayer, God’s love and power will free the world from the darkness of evil.

The Day of Adoration concluded with the Eucharistic Blessing at midnight. May the Eucharistic Jesus – who is rich in mercy – grant to the world and our country Vietnam experience a happy and peaceful life.

Ban van hoa and Duc Trung Vu, CSsR