Inauguration of the Redemptorist Mission Museum in Indonesia


On the Feast of transfiguration, August 6, 2021, the Indonesian Redemptorist Mission museum was inaugurated by Fr.  Yoakim Ndelo, CSsR of the Province of Indonesia.  The museum is located at the Sumba Cultural Conservation House in Kalembu Ngaa Bangga, Weetebula, Indonesia.

The inauguration program began with a eucharistic celebration led by the Indonesian Provincial who was accompanied by the Director of the Sumba Cultural Preservation House, Fr.  Robert Ramone CSsR, and Fr.  Doni Kleden CSsR, superior of the Weetebula community.  Also present at this celebration were confreres from the Weetebula community.

In his introduction, the provincial superior spoke to the confreres of the importance of museums.  Apart from being a center for information and documentation of Mission heritage, another role that must be remembered is the museum as protection, development, utilization, and education of our culture as Redemptorists.

Fr Kimy expressed in his words saying “this museum reminds us of the legacy of passion, endurance and faith and love for the Congregation.  I think this is much more important than the items or portraits in this museum. We are grateful to God because of the work that was started by them at the beginning of their arrival to Sumba and continues to this day and will continue as long as our congregation exists.”

In addition, Fr. Provincial asked the director of the Cultural House to display a kind of symbol of the passion of the Redemptorists that could be displayed in this very precious and special space.

In his homily, Fr. provincial reminded the confreres about Alphonsus as a multi-talented and multi-tasking person in his life and work.  It’s all passed down to us.  The fact also shows that in our congregation there are so many talents that the confreres possess.  Talents and abilities are God-given tools so that we can become healers, preachers, and teachers.

During the celebration of the Eucharist, the Museum was also blessed.  At the end of the eucharistic celebration, the director of the Cultural house and Father Provincial signed the inauguration inscription of the Indonesian Redemptorist Mission Museum.

Meanwhile, Fr.  Robert as the director of the Cultural House invited the confreres to participate in developing the Mission museum.

“This museum is ours, not mine.  I hope that this museum will be a place that will always unite us in spirit and passion.  Every time we see this legacy we are reminded of the lofty ideals that must be fought for.  Even though we have different ideas and ways, we must be able to come together as brothers who can join hands to make the dream of redemption abound in our world,” said Robert.

The inauguration ended with a tour in the museum and a fellowship meal at the Redemptorist Villa, Waikelo.

Fr.  Willy Ng Pala, CSsR.