The formation that serves to evangelisation


RYVM is committed to the formation of young people so that they will be the ones to evangelise

Madrid, 28 September 2021. “The Redemptorist Youth Vocational Ministry team (RYVM) is firmly committed to the formation of young pastoral agents so that they can continue to be the ones to evangelise other young people”. This was stated by Álvaro Ortiz, a Redemptorist missionary, who participated in the RYVM team meeting from 22 to 24 September in the parish of Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro in Madrid.

The participants fulfilled all the objectives of the day by evaluating the pastoral actions of the past year and projecting the current year from the framework set out in our four-year Youth Ministry project. This year’s objective is mainly vocational.

“The meeting began on the morning of 23 September with a prayer in which we offered to the Lord what each confrere could contribute to the project. It continued with an evaluation of the course and the pastoral activities carried out so far because of the pandemic. And then the RYVM team rethought the project,” Ortiz said.

“On Thursday afternoon, we did some very creative work – inspired by the Spirit, who was asked for light – which helped the team members to reorient the pastoral project for the four years,” the Redemptorist missionary emphasised.

Finally, on Friday 24 September, “we closed the meeting with some clear proposals for this year and with a clear commitment to the formation of young people,” said Alvaro Ortiz.

Redemptorist Youth Vocation Ministry (RYVM)