Redemptorists honoured for ministry for the sick


(Warsaw, Poland) In the Cathedral of Warsaw-Praga, Bishop Romuald Kamiński, President of the KEP (Polish Bishops Conference) Team for Pastoral Care of the Sick, celebrated on October 14 Holy Mass on the occasion of the day of St Luke, patron saint of medics. The Mass was attended by representatives of medical institutions and the medical community. After the prayer, badges of the National Pastoral Ministry of the Health Care Service were presented in gratitude for the excellent ministry to the sick, the elderly and the cooperation with the Pastoral Care. Among the awardees were two Redemptorists involved in ministry among the sick – Fr. Łukasz Baran and Fr. Maciej Ziębiec.

Fr. Łukasz Baran CSsR has been a chaplain for three years in Warsaw’s Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, which deals with the hospitalisation of patients infected with HIV, hepatitis, and malaria. After the pandemic outbreak, the hospital was transformed into a unit that deals with the hospitalisation of Covid-19 patients.

Fr. Maciej Ziębiec CSsR ministered to coronavirus-infected patients as chaplain at the Temporary Emergency Hospital organised at the National Stadium in Warsaw after the pandemic broke out from the beginning of the unit’s existence until its closure. During this time, he also assisted in spiritual ministry among those infected with Covidium-19 at, among others, the Southern Hospital in Warsaw and the Railway Hospital in Pruszków.


Photo: Karolina Błażejczyk/