Redemptorist Institute of Theology celebrates 50 years


The study of theology is fundamental for the formation process of a Redemptorist Missionary, especially for priests. For 50 years, ITESP (Istituto di Studi Superiori di San Paolo) has played the role of formation of Redemptorists, religious of other congregations, diocesans and lay people. Founded in February 1972, the Institute of Theology is synonymous with responsibility, competence and commitment to academic life. In the latest issue of the Provincial Newsletter, the reader can learn about this history, which is so significant for the Redemptorists of the Province of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

To celebrate the golden anniversary, the Redemptorist magazine asked the Redemptorist Missionaries familiar with the history of ITESP to contribute. Thus, Fr. Antônio Carlos Oliveira Souza wrote an article that recalls the history of the institute since its foundation. And Fr. Luiz Gonzaga Scudeler shared his reflection of being a missionary who teaches theology.

In addition, the Province Newsletter offers us some aspects of Redemptorist life in its most diverse pastoral areas. Fr. Furlani, a 94-year-old missionary, tells his life story and shares his experiences from his seminary days in the Redemptorist Holy Missions, where he served for 33 years.

P. José Torres tells about his mission in the Pastoral Area of Heliópolis, together with the junior members and the local community. It is the Redemptorist charism in action to alleviate the pain and suffering of so many wounded!

Here you can read the December issue of “Informativo da Provincia” en Portuguese.