Studia Moralia: the second issue of 2021 has been published


Scrolling through the pages of this new issue of  Studia Moralia one has the most tangible impression of feeling the rhythm of life pulsing in them, that life is greater than ever thought and every word because thinking comes after living and speaking. It cannot contain life but only evoke it. Saint Alphonsus was a man, a believer, immersed in life, listening to the voice of life, capable of sharing man’s anxiety in search of his own truth as a person and as a child of God, a beggar for mercy, hungry for justice, thirsty for beauty. This is why he still speaks to us today. The path he proposes to us as a Master is a path that starts from the concreteness of human life, the life that Christ embraced by making
our flesh his.

The first few pages are dedicated to the grateful memory of two Redemptorists who brought about so much energy to our Academy:  Fr. Marian Sojka, prefect of the library from 2002 to 2011, and  Br. Gaudenzio.

The main section of the booklet collects a series of interventions and articles of different themes, styles, and methods, united by the celebration of the doctorate of Saint Alphonsus and by the conviction that Alphonsian theology and spirituality are very current and vital in reference to the magisterium of Pope Francis.

We are sure that the celebration of St. Alphonsus’ doctorate will not pass without a trace, but it will prove to be an opportunity to return to his work keeping in the heart, as Pope Francis repeats every day, anxieties, hopes, dreams, and fears of the men and women of our time.

From the editorial by Maurizio P. Faggioni,

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