Centro Madre Antonia in Mexico City celebrates Antonia’s 200th birthday


The Oblate Family of the Mother Antonia Center, located in La Merced, Mexico City, gathered around the celebration of the Eucharist to inaugurate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Antonia María de Oviedo y Schönthal.

Happy birthday, founding mother! Dozens of people gathered for the celebration, including the community, the project team, benefactors and a significant group of women who participated in the Mother Antonia Centre.

Antonia Maria de la Misericordia was a great woman who “lived what she believed and proclaimed what she lived”. This motto of the Jubilee year speaks to us of her remarkable coherence of life, of her radicalism, in the sense of living from her roots, of her commitment as a consecrated Oblate and in solidarity with women who find themselves in contexts of prostitution.

In addition to the opening of the Bicentenary, the closing of a cycle at the Mother Antonia Centre was commemorated as its current location was moved from Calle Margil y Zapata in La Merced to another place.

33 years in this house

From the Mexico City Community, they express with emotion and emotion what this means: “In this sacred place, a place of peace, of meeting, refuge and warmth, in this our home, where we have shared for 33 years: joys, dreams, joint constructions, today we want to close a stage. A stage that bore much fruit, that brought us unforgettable experiences, much love and solidarity among us. However, today God is calling us to another place that we are preparing with great affection. We are sure that He always prepares the best for us