“I Will Learn” Project for Rural Children by the Vice-Province of Majella


“First-Ever Annual Day: Joyful, Energetic, Vibrant”

(India) On the 3rd of April 2022, The Redemptorist community at Panodi, Nashik, India, celebrated the ‘I Will Learn‘ project with children from different religious backgrounds who belong to the marginalised section of our society. Joyful, Energetic and Vibrant, these words sum up our day at Panodi. Around 90 and more children were present for the first-ever “Annual Day Celebration” of the “I Will Learn project” at Panodi. The participants came from four villages, namely Khamba, Khalli, Ashvi and Velturwadi.

The program began at 10:00 am with a prayer session followed by action songs taught by our Redemptorist students, Jackson and Calroy. The main highlights of the programme were a practical (demonstration) session on Dental Hygiene, Grooming Skills, Mannerisms and Knowledge on Safe and Unsafe touch. We also had our children showcase their growth and progress in English learning, being part of the “I Will Learn” project. This included the skills of spoken English, recitation of poems in English, and giving a short speech in English. It was a fulfilling moment to see these children make their first-ever English speech in a public forum. The students also participated in dance and singing competitions. The Annual Day Celebration was concluded at 2:30 pm with some DJ music. The students involved themselves joyfully and whole-heartedly in the program.

The Annual Day was a huge success, and we are thankful to the Holy Cross Sisters who work with us in our parish, Sisters Shaila, Cecelia and Natalia, who were the resource persons and judges for the programme. Two of our own Redemptorist students, Jackson (theology) and Calroy (Philosophy), who are here for summer ministry, worked tirelessly to ensure the day’s success.

Fr. Jerry Fernandes C.Ss.R.

Project in-charge.