Portugal: The Redemptorist Spirituality Center proposes an Easter itinerary


The Center for Redemptorist Spirituality (CER) over the next seven Sundays, at seven in the afternoon, will receive seven guests for seven conversations on the experience of the Risen Jesus: the initiative, entitled “7 to 7”, begins this Sunday, April 24, with the participation of the singer Ana Celeste Ferreira.

The interviews will take place online, via Zoom, and constitute “an Easter itinerary”. “In the Christian tradition, we speak of the ‘seven last words of Jesus”. Why not look for the ‘first seven words’? Why not live the experience of the Risen Lord from the words that open the way to the Good News?”, reads the statement sent to the media by the CER. “From there the conversation takes place wherever the Word leads us”. The links to participating in the various sessions, open to all interested parties and free of charge, will be published on the center’s Facebook page.

The Redemptorist Spirituality Center is an initiative of the Redemptorist Missionaries in Portugal, which aims to serve as a “means of evangelization for the deepening of the faith, for initiation into the spiritual life and for theological reflection”.