Redemptorist Fr. Taras Kchik speaks about his ministry in bombed-out Chernihiv, Ukraine


Redemptorist Fr. Taras Kchik offers an update on the situation in Chernihiv in “Ukrainian priest helps town that suffered Russian bombardment” by Crux Rome Bureau Chief Inés San Martín.

According to the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, Chernihiv was surrounded and attacked for 40 days straight. At least 3,700 buildings were destroyed during the shelling and partial capture of the Chernihiv region by Russian troops. During the worst of the siege, the monastery housed as many as 58 people.

Fr. Taras credits God’s guidance for giving him the strength to assist others, many of whom have lost it all. The community he shares with the priests in the monastery, with the Redemptorists throughout Ukraine and globally, is also a great support to him. The humanitarian aid that has been received demonstrates “that community, that support, that love. And because they pass it to us, we can give it directly to our people.”

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(Denverlink, update of June 03, 2022)