Liguori Province: Senior’s Meet


Mahatma Gandhi once said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed “. Yes, we, the senior confreres of the Liguori Province (ordained before the year 2012), had a splendid opportunity to feel with the above quote of the great Mahatma that there is still more to life as a Redemptorist to contribute and build up the unit, the Congregation and the wounded world at large. It was a time of spiritual revival and rejuvenation, especially brothers coming together at the table of the Lord to break the Bread and share the Word and thus reflecting upon our life as one missionary body.   

The gathering began on 10th August and lasted for three days. The entire gathering and its proceedings were focused on the three vital questions placed by Rev. Biju Madathikunnel, the Provincial Superior. The questions are as follows. 

(1) How do you evaluate the past three and half years in our unit? 

(2) What would be your priorities for the next 10 years?

(3) What creative suggestions do you have for our ministry in the future?  

The floor was divided into four groups for discussions and presentations. All put their heart and soul for a meaningful discussion, and the result was very satisfactory. Everyone was very sincere and open to the questions. Some confreres expressed that it helped them to see the progress of the unit and the areas for improvement, while others presented their visions and the need of widening the horizon of missions in and around the world.

The main resource person was Rev. Biju Vettikallel, a Carmelite priest who led the session on “Transforming the Community into a vibrant Spiritual Community”, and it was also a thought-provoking one to think creatively and how to make our communities a better place to live in.

The group felt the need for such gatherings in the unit for a transparent sharing and rejuvenation of the confreres. it would help us to build up our communities to be the witnesses of our Redeemer to the wounded world. 

Fr. Shijo Meppilly, C.Ss.R