Eight Redemptorists were ordained to priesthood in Indonesia


October 20, 2022, Thursday morning, is a blessed day for Indonesian Redemptorists and the Diocese of Weetebula. On the XXXIII Anniversary of our Diocese, 13 deacons were ordained as priests.

Among them, there are eight Redemptorists. While the other five are diocesan priests. The newly ordained Redemptorists are Fr. Handrianus Eka Uma, Fr. Petrus Rikardus  Umbu Doru, Fr. Fransiskus Lado, Fr. Yosep Andris Umbu Damu, Fr. Marcelianus Basa Ola, Fr. Nopeanus Lalo, Fr. Falentinus Ferdianand Vincen Dimu and Fr. Leontios Benediktus Ledo Peuuma.

They were ordained by Mgr. Edmund Woga CSSR at Weetebula Cathedral. In his sermon, Bishop said “This celebration is a sign from God for us.  To become a priest is to help Christians.  A vocation to the priesthood is a call to service.  His service is to shepherd, sanctify and lead the people.  Be a Good Shepherd, continued Bishop Edmund.”  “Leave your comfort zones and serve people as shepherds.  Diligence in prayer is a special heritage of the church. Prayer is a way to keep holiness. Of course, celebrating the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, must be first.”

This event is a great joy for the congregation, the church, and their families. After this ordination, some of them will continue their education at different universities in other fields of science outside theology. Meanwhile, several others were sent to educational institutions and parishes. There are also those who are preparing to be sent abroad.

These young people are ready to be sent as Missionaries of Hope in the footsteps of the Redeemer. Let’s pray for them so that they remain steadfast and continue to be faithful to the spirit and Charism of the Redemptorist.

Let them be a sign of God’s merciful presence for anyone who is served anywhere.

Fr. Willy Pala CSsR

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