Annual Day for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation


As the annual day approaches for the promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation throughout the Congregation (Sunday, November 13, 2022), the General Secretariat of Formation makes available to every Congregation Unit some resource-ideas for the animation and celebration of this special day. 

The material complements the letter that Fr. General, Rogério Gomes, addresses to the Congregation on this occasion.  This letter is of particular importance for the celebration this year.  Besides inviting us to reflect and celebrate our first love, the vocation to accompany the poor abandoned, which we renew every day through the Eucharist and our prayers, Father General also requests that this be the day designated for the annual collection to strengthen the Congregation´s solidarity fund (cf. decision # 19 of the 25th General Chapter).

Because of the variety of cultural, social and ministerial realities, there is no one way to celebrate the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation on this day.  Therefore, the GSF invites those involved in formation and those in charge of communications for each Unit or cluster of Units to refer to the resource material and adapt it in a way they deem most appropriate, creative, and attractive to their particular reality and potential Redemptorist vocations. The material, which contains some images, can be the basis for the designing of posters that promote this day. 

The material can be reviewed on the General Government´s Formation webpage the section of Important Documents, 5.1.a, 2022.

An idea as to the images and messaging contained in the resource material prepared by the General Secretariat of Formation is reflected in the images that accompany this article.   

Other informational elements that can be added and creatively placed onto the poster or added separately on flyers are:

  • an Alphonsian-Redemptorist prayer for vocations, 
  • a space for the Unit´s vocation promotion contact, 
  • a remembrance of the annual collection for the Congregation´s solidarity fund,
  • place, date and time of special activities and celebrations,
  • etc.

We place this special day in the hands of Our Mother of Perpetual Help while remembering what # 79 of our Constitutions says to us:

The vitality with which the Congregation pursues its apostolic mission depends on the number and quality of the candidates who seek admission to the Redemptorist community.  For that reason, all the confreres, out of love and appreciation for their own vocation, should zealously engage in the apostolate of fostering vocations to the Congregation.

The General Secretariat of Formation

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