6 November: Commemoration of the martyrs of Cuenca and Madrid

    The chalice used by Father Donato Jimenéz CSsR, which was brought as a relic of the blessed martyrs during the beatification mass in the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid on 22 October (Photo: Fotografías Archimadrid.es/flickr.com).

    Very recently, on 22 October, Vincenzo Nicasio Renuncio Toribio and eleven companions of our Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, killed for hatred of the faith in 1936 in Spain, were beatified in Madrid. Their liturgical memory will be celebrated together with the 6 Redemptorist martyrs of Cuenca, already beatified in 2013.

    Redemptorist martyrs of Cuenca, Spain.

    In the words of Pope Francis: “The example of these witnesses to Christ, even to the shedding of blood, urges us to be consistent and courageous; their intercession sustains those who today struggle to sow the Gospel in the world” (Angelus 23/10/2022).

    “The beatification is the result of the affection with which the sons of St. Alphonsus and their families have kept the memory of their confreres – wrote Father Antonio Quesada, CSsR, vice-postulator of the cause. – And they have preserved them for almost 90 years, the fruit of the work of data collection that began almost the day after the events occurred.
    The Redemptorists who remained in Madrid, mainly Fathers Ibarrola and Tellería, collected first-hand the information that witnesses gave them, sometimes the owners of the homes or neighbours where they were; at other times, it was the prison companions of these fathers who told them about the moments they lived with the martyrs at some point in their last moments of life”.

    With this same affection, we invite you to entrust us to our martyrs.

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