Indonesia: Closing of the Mission of the people


On Sunday 13 November 2022 was our last day at the Santa Agatha Station, Kilimbatu.  We have have been here for two months and serve the people.

This past week was the pinnacle of the mission.  We, the missionaries together with the people, reflect together and celebrate the Eucharist with categorical groups.

 On Monday we celebrate with the children with the theme: “Let the children come to me”.  On the second day with young people, the theme of Christian Vocation became a topic for reflection.  And on the third day the topic of “My Christian Family ” is the theme that is reflected by married couples.

 After that, in the last three days, a procession of the Blessed Sacrament and the cross and procession of the Our Lady Perpetual Help Icon were held.  On this last day, the congregation along with the missionaries following the traditional Sumba rituals paraded with Mother back to the Central church.

 People paraded from each BEC or territory and brought their various offerings.  On this occasion the missionaries wore traditional clothes.  We celebrate the Eucharist in these robes, and wear stoles.  People really rejoice to celebrate their life and faith.
 This week’s celebration is a moment of joy.  It’s like a man who finds hidden treasure and invites his friends over to celebrate with all his heart.

 The entire celebration ended with a Eucharistic celebration led by the Province, Fr. Kimy Ndelo.  In his homily Fr.  Kimy invites the people to follow up the mission by caring for nature.  People are invited to plant trees on their land.

 In this celebration the local lay missionaries were once again sent out and then handed over to the parish priest.  They are his partners in serving the people here.

 After the Eucharist, the celebration continued with eating and dancing together.  Even though they felt sad because the missionaries would leave them, the community dances were still lively.

Fr. Willy Ng Pala CSsR

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