New Leadership of the Province of St. Clemens

From left to right: Fr. Ludger Wolfert, Fr. Winfried Pauly, Fr. Jan Hafmans, Fr. Cyrill Binsasi, Fr. Jürgen Langer.

On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, in Trier (Germany), the VIth Provincial Chapter of the Redemptorists of the Province of St. Clemens elected the Provincial Government for the quadrennium 2023-2026: 

Provincial: Fr. Jan Hafmans (re-elected).
Ordinary consultors: Fr. Winfried Pauly (Vicar) and Fr. Cyrill Binsasi.
Extraordinary consultors: Fr. Ludger Wolfert and Fr. Jurgen Langer.

The Provincial was elected in the first ballot with the necessary two-thirds majority: ten of the fifteen votes. Father Winfried Pauly received enough votes in two ballots as an ordinary consultor, and two ballots later, Fr. Cyrillus Binsasi was elected. Father Winfried was then elected Provincial Vicar in one ballot. Five ballots were required for the choice of Fathers Ludger Wolfert and Jürgen Langer.

The General Government has approved the election of the Provincial and his Vicar.

Shortly after the election, the re-elected provincial, Jan Hafmans, was congratulated by his confrere, Fr. Jack Umbu Warata from Indonesia. As the new Superior of the Province of Indonesia, the latter will be an important conversation partner for the Provincial of St. Clemens because both Units work together closely.

From left to right: Fr. Jan Hafmans and Fr. Jack Umbu Warata.

The Province of St. Clemens is in charge of the Redemptorists in Northwest Germany, Switzerland, Flanders and the Netherlands and their mission abroad. 

Submitted by Eric Corsius