Province of Canada meets in Chapter


The Provincial Chapter of the Province of Canada meets from January 16-20, 2023, at Queen of Apostles Retreat Center, Mississauga, Ontario. The first item of business was to read the letter from the General Government affirming the election of father Michael Smolinski as provincial. Next followed the election of the provincial vicar, Fr. Jacques Fortin, and other leadership members.

The Ordinary Provincial Council of the Province is composed of Redemptorist Fathers: Jacques Fortin, Santo Arrigo, and Larry Kondra. The Extraordinary Provincial Council includes Fr. Tony Bidgood, Fr. John Sianchuk, and Fr. Mario Doyle. We congratulate them all on their election, thank them for their willingness, to serve in these leadership roles, and assure them of our support in the coming quadrennium.

The new Redemptorist Province of Canada was formed and 2019. It is composed of the regions of Edmonton, Toronto, Saint Anne de Beaupre, and Yorkton.

Our Province covers a vast geography and six time zones. We are diverse in language, culture and Churches (Latin and Eastern). It is not often that the members of our Redemptorist Family can gather face-to-face, and so there is a spirit of hope and joy when we do gather. We are grateful for this opportunity to be together and to have this moment of common reflection and planning for our new Province as we look ahead.

Anne Walsh,
Lay Missionary of the Most Holy Redeemer

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