The Oblates of Palma received the Gold Medal


During the celebrations of Festa d’Estendard (December 31), the Oblate Sisters of Palma received the Gold Medal of the City. They were one of four winners of the last edition of the award. As the mayor of Palma, José Hila, has indicated, the recognition was born of the consensus obtained among all the political forces represented in the City Council Plenary.

“The recognition is to the Congregation for all the years we have been in Mallorca, especially for our work since 1982 in the old town of Palma where prostitution was concentrated,” said Sister Feli Martinez, legal representative of the institution.

The Congregation of Oblate Sisters has been present in Palma for 33 years. Since then, it has been attending to the group of women who find themselves in contexts of prostitution and/or social exclusion. In 2001, with the desire to provide better quality care, the Casal Petit was opened, with the aim of being close to the women and offering them social coverage.

“We in the city of Palma have always been recognised and supported in our work. We have always felt supported by local and regional public institutions. But as the mayor of Palma indicated to me, this is a recognition that values our work,” said Sister Feli.

The Oblate Sisters in Palma last year served a total of 420 people. Eleven professionals work at Casal Petit, and 19 volunteers collaborate.


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