Redemptorists in Vigo, Spain, help the needy with food every Sunday


The Redemptorist parish Perpetuo Socorro has been offering food to the needy every Sunday for the last three years.

We read on
“The crisis is even making itself felt in the soup kitchens. The Redemptorist parish of Perpetual Help started a solidarity project three years ago to cover the neediest’s basic need: food on Sundays. No soup kitchens are open on Sundays, so the most vulnerable do not have this food sustenance covered. They offer a bag snack from 6.45 pm to 8 pm. Little by little, the initiative took shape, but the results of the last week have been a turning point, with the distribution of 94 bags of food, a record since they started this adventure”.

This is confirmed by the website of the parish itself, which reads:

Perpetuo Socorro Solidarity Project
In our city, there are several soup kitchens (San Francisco, Misioneras del Silencio and La Sal de la Tierra) that serve more than 400 people daily, covering their basic needs for lunch and/or dinner, but none of them offers dinner on Sundays, so this day is wholly neglected.

Having detected this need, we intend to cover this lack through this solidarity project, offering cold suppers (bags of sandwiches, fruit, yoghurts, drinks…) to people in social exclusion, homeless and underprivileged families from a Christian and solidarity vision and mission towards the most needy in our immediate environment, in line with the Redemptorist charism of urgent attention and assistance to the most disadvantaged.

For more information about the project, please read (Spanish):
A parish in Vigo offers food to those most in need