Election and installation of the New Provincial superior and the council members in the Liguori Province, India



We, the Redemptorists, are sent as ‘helpers, companions and ministers of Jesus in the great work of redemption’ (Const. no. 2). It is the duty of the provincial chapter to give continual attention to the renewal and adaptation of the apostolic life and government of the province (Const. no. 123). Thus, the IV Provincial Chapter of the Liguori Province, Kerala, India has begun. It is from April 12-17, 2023.

On the first day (12-04-2023) of the Chapter, we had a recollection that was preached by Rev. Fr. Jojo Varakukalayil CST, the Superior General of CST Congregation. We reflected upon the prophetic role of every religious in the changing world.

The presence of Fr. Ben Ma, the Asia Oceania Conference Co-ordinator, in the Chapter, was very much enlightening. He spoke about the mind of the General Chapter and thus it was a spark to shed its light on our Chapter. Fr. Ben Ma, during his homily on the third day, spoke about the need of relying on Jesus. He mentioned about crisis in the world in general and told us not to be panic because after every rupture there is healing brought by Jesus.

On the third day morning, we had the elections, and Fr. Shiju Mullasseril was elected as the Vicar Provincial. Then we had group discussions and sharings in the afternoon session. We had elections for the Second Ordinary Consultor in which Fr. Shijo Meppilly was elected as the Second Ordinary Consultor.

Before the evening session unfortunately a few confreres were tested Covid positive. So, the Provincial in consultation with the Secretary, Moderators, and all the chapter members, decided to complete the election process and close the Chapter by agreeing that we will have a second session of the Chapter later. So, we had the election for the First Extra Ordinary Consultor. Fr. Geo Nambudakath was elected as the First Extra Ordinary Consultor and Fr. Bijo Meppurathu was elected as the Second Extra-Ordinary Consultor. Then we had the installation of the New Provincial Fr. Poly Kannampuzha and his team.

We place on record the great leadership of Frs. Biju Madathikunnel, Poly Kannampuzha, Tomy Alappattukunnel, Poulose Thettayil, and Jaison Thundathil and their animation of the Province in the last quadrennium. Their meticulous planning, systematic execution of ideas, and timely interventions all helped the province to move ahead in the footsteps of the Redeemer.

Though unforeseen situations of Covid arose at the time of the Chapter celebrations, the members moved forward with great hope in the Redeemer.

Fr. Sijo Thaliyath C.Ss.R.
Director, Reds Media

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