Spain: A movie on the actuality of the Oblate’s work


There is a movie that ‘tells the story of three women, apparently separated in time and space, but who end up meeting in their process of finding themselves. The three women will have to listen to an inner call that requires them to face their fears and be the true protagonists of their lives, opening new paths of transformation and liberation’. This is how they explain the plot of ‘Si todas las puertas se cierran’ (If all doors close), the new film by Antonio Cuadri, on their website.

Cuadri is a screenwriter and director. His works include titles such as ‘The Great Life’, ‘The Heart of the Earth’ or ‘Thomas Lives’. Now he is presenting his new project with the Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer.

The Oblates live in the community and dedicate their lives to bringing the Gospel to women who practice prostitution and/or are trafficked. Its foundress inspires the message of this film, as explained by Antonio Cuadri in an interview with the Spanish magazine Omnes (full interview in the Spanish version of Scala News).

How did you decide to do this project?
-This project has its roots nine or ten years ago. My wife is a social educator and an active volunteer of the religious congregation of the Oblates of the Most Holy Redeemer. I came into contact with the work of these religious sisters and was very impressed. I witnessed the accompaniment they did.

They try to socially integrate women in prostitution, especially those trafficked. They do a very good job, very quiet and silent. They break the stereotype that many people have of nuns indoctrinating stray girls. This is not the case at all.

The humble and silent attitude that accompaniment impressed me a lot. So we started to see the possibility of volunteering through a film…

  • you can read the full interview in Spanish in Omnes magazine:
Link to the website of the movie “Si todas las puertas se cierran”

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