Spain: Time for proclamation and forming missionary disciples


The missionary team CESPLAM (Centro de Estudios y Planificación Misionera) continues its journey through Spain, trying to offer the Redemptorist mission and pastoral support in places of abandonment. During Holy Week, the team was present in the province of Zamora, in the region of Aliste, the oldest and most depopulated area in Europe. The local priest is in charge of 15 villages and could not attend them all there, although he has created a very interesting missionary structure with lay people. The CESPLAM team, formed by 3 Redemptorists and a group of about ten young people, came to animate the Holy Week celebrations. The parishioners of the area were grateful for our presence and the life shared during these days, which undoubtedly helped them to feel the resurrection of Christ.

The other initiative that CESPLAM is offering at the time of Easter is called: “Missionary Wednesdays”. They are formative talks (online) on different pastoral and missionary topics that can help form a collaborating and missionary laity in our communities and in those places where the Redemptorist mission has already taken place.

On this occasion, Carlos Luna, an expert in religious marketing from the Dominican family, has been invited. We need to speak in an attractive language that people today can understand to receive the good news of the Gospel. All the “Missionary Wednesdays” talks will be recorded and uploaded to the Spanish Redemptorist Youtube channel.

Víctor Chacón, CSsR

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