Redemptorist Formation Community in Davao formally Opens Formation Year 2023-2024


On August 4th, 2023, the Redemptorist Formation Community (RFC) in Davao City, Philippines, witnessed a momentous event as it officially opened Formation Year 2023-2024. Formators, Fr. Jesus Sanito, CSsR, and Fr. Francis, CSsR were joined by the Provincial Superior of Cebu, Fr. Edilberto Cepe, CSsR, and the Vice-Provincial Superior of Manila, Fr. Raymund Urriza, CSsR during the opening ceremony. Members and personnel of the Davao Redemptorist Mission Community headed by the Rector, Fr. Cruz Manding, CSsR, also graced the occasion.

This year’s RFC is a diverse group, composed of 23 brothers hailing from the Redemptorist Provinces of Cebu, Thailand, and Vietnam; Region of Colombo; and, Vice Provinces of Singapore and Manila. These 6 units are Thais, Lao, Indian, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, and Filipinos. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences will undoubtedly enrich their shared journey of faith.

Before this significant event, the brothers of RFC engaged in various preparations and activities to foster unity and brotherhood. Starting on July 24, 2023, they participated in a Team Building activity that set the foundation for their journey together. Following this, orientations about the house, community, and the RFC handbook were held to ensure a smooth transition into the new formation year. The subsequent election of the new RFC Council and assignment of all brothers to different committees and House BECs (Basic Ecclesial Communities) also took place.

The opening of the new formation year of the Redemptorist Formation Community in Davao City is not just an event but it also symbolizes the start of a special and meaningful journey together. May the RFC in Davao have a blessed and fruitful year of journeying together.

Tyrone Grant P. Senires, CSsR / RFC AcaComm