The 3rd Phase of the XXVI General Chapter at Minburi in Bangkok: Days 4 and 5


The 3rd Phase of the XXVI General Chapter at Minburi in Bangkok in Thailand of the Conference of Asia Oceania came to a close on the 11th of August, Friday evening with an inspiring message of Hope from Fr Rogerio Gomes, Superior General, who called on the members of the 3rd Phase of the Chapter to now incarnate the Strategic Action plan that they had worked so hard to formulate in the Units, communities, formation houses and among the lay partners for mission in the Conference. He also indicated certain areas that needed to be addressed in the forthcoming Assembly of the Conference and especially in the Units in the context of the 5 themes of identity, mission, consecrated life, formation, and leadership for mission in the context of the year for Community life.

The members of the 3rd Phase had worked hard on day 4 to present the plans for the Action plan that each group worked on. These were shared, discussed with suggestions, and handed over to the Redaction Commission consisting of Frs. John Hodgson, Edward Joseph, Bert Cepe, and Ino Cueto. The Redaction Commission worked all afternoon and evening of day 4. They presented the well-worked out plan on the morning of day 5 to the group. Clarifications were sought after a general discussion. Further group work and suggestions were given to the Redaction Commission who met again to complete the Strategic Action Plan for the Conference, and this was presented in the afternoon of day 5. The entire group accepted the plan and voted on it and passed and accepted it unanimously. A notable aspect of the plan was the decision to make an annual contribution to the Conference of Africa and Madagascar to show solidarity with the Conference as well as respond to the decisions of the General Chapter concerning Africa and Madagascar.

Fr Rogerio in his final message, thanked the moderators and all the participants who gave themselves wholeheartedly to 5 days of intense and good work. Now the challenge is to take the plan so well put together and take it forward with hope, not giving in to pessimism. He particularly thanked the Province of Thailand for their hospitality and generosity in hosting the 3rd Phase of the General Chapter. He finally closed the 3rd Phase of the General Chapter in the Conference of Asia Oceania. The group will take a day break to rest and enjoy historical Bangkok and will resume again with the Conference assembly from the 13th to the 15th of August.

Joseph Ivel Mendanha, C.Ss.R.
Consultor General