Fr. Rogério to candidates and formandi: Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to Christ the Redeemer who calls you!


It has been 18 online meetings from February to September when each of the candidates, postulants, novices and professed students from all five Conferences was given the opportunity to listen, share experiences, and ask questions to Fr. General and the Consultors – members of the General Government. These meetings involved about 800 young men at the different stages of the initial formation. As the conclusion and fruit of that experience, Fr. Rogério Gomes has directed a letter to all vocation candidates and formandi of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Fr. General writes: “I am sending you this message on behalf of the General Council, the Secretariat of Formation, and the Coordinators of the Conferences. I do so from the bottom of my heart, in gratitude for your participation and with an expression of encouragement for the journey you are undertaking through discernment to be “Missionaries of Hope in the footsteps of the Redeemer”. Redemptorist formation has an expression manifested in the five Conferences of the Congregation. And each expression is a fragment that makes up the beautiful mosaic of the Redemptorist vocation.”

The Congregation does not want “supermen” but profoundly human persons who make the simplicity of their daily life a place for God’s action. writes Fr. Rogério. At the same time, he encourages the students to care for their solid personal formation and be open to new horizons – Never be afraid to learn more to proclaim the Gospel in an ever-new way!  

Fr. Rogério points out one of society’s current challenges, which is perseverance in personal commitments and relationships. He encourages the candidates and young confreres not to give up facing difficulties and frustrations: Perseverance demands resilience, deep adherence of the heart, discernment, humanity, humility, and openness to others and the Spirit. … Perseverance involves the whole being, with its weaknesses and strengths, and the willingness to give the best of oneself.

Fr. Rogério closes his letter with an inspiring appeal: 

Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to Christ the Redeemer who calls you. Share with others the joy of being a Redemptorist. Joy is our characteristic! It is a joy that comes from the encounter with the Redeemer, and we share it by proclaiming his Gospel. Encourage other young people to give their lives as Redemptorist missionaries for the sake of the most abandoned. And those of you who are already in our formation centres, persevere to the end and spread the joy of the Gospel! You are not a number; you have a face, and you are important to the Congregation!

Please, read the entire letter from Fr. General Rogério Gomes, CSsR, to all vocation candidates and formandi of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, and watch his brief video message accompanying the letter.

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