Peter Donders Province Elective Chapter concluded.


Amidst an atmosphere of joy, fraternity and hope, the First Elective Chapter of the Province of Peter Donders concluded, during which the members of the Provincial Government were elected:

  • Provincial Superior: Fr. Javier Machado CSSR
  • Vicar Provincial: Fr. Enrique López CSSR
  • Ordinary Consultors: Fr. Mario Márquez CSSR, Fr. Ramón Correa CSSR, Fr. José Rodríguez CSSR
  • Extraordinary Consultors: Fr. Hugo Elías CSSR, Fr. César Báez CSSR.

The closing Eucharist was celebrated in the chapel of the retreat house Convento San Alfonso (Villa Allende – Córdoba – Argentina), presided over by the new Provincial Superior, Fr. Héctor Javier Machado and by the elected Consultors.

Frs. Francois Stanula CSSR, Vicar General, Jairo Díaz CSSR, General Consultor and Marcelo Araújo CSSR, Coordinator of the Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean, were among the concelebrants. Also present were all the participants of the Chapter: priests, brothers and lay missionaries who are part of the new Unit.

In his homily, Fr. Javier Machado invited all the members of the new Province to be grateful for the road travelled in the old units, to be a disciple and missionary Church, “always going out”, in connection with the spirit of the congregational project of restructuring for the mission. Likewise, he urged all the participants to work as a Province identified for the purpose of evangelisation, with a redemptorist spirit, especially reaching out to the most abandoned in each of the local communities that are part of the new reconfigured Province. He thanked the elected Council and encouraged them to work as a team for the good of the Province.

At the end of the Eucharist, Fr. Javier Machado, together with the members of his Ordinary and Extraordinary Council, expressed his gratitude to all those who have made it possible to be today a new Province. He expressed his thanksgiving to all for their support, closeness and confidence in him and their willingness to carry forward the process of restructuring for the mission in this part of the Church in the south of the Latin American continent; In particular, he expressed his gratitude to the General Government, to the Conference Coordinator, to the Provincial Superiors of the former units, to each of the confreres who are part of the new unit, to the lay and missionary associates, whom he will accompany with a spirit of closeness as Father, Pastor and Guide.

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