The Andean-Caribbean Province was born.


The new Unit, composed of the Redemptorists of Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia, has been launched with great optimism and hope in this restructuring process.

In line with the celebration and an emotional message, the members of the provincial government of the newly formed Andean Caribbean Unit expressed their gratitude for the support and prayers received during these opening days.

The day before the inauguration began on Tuesday, December 5th, with a spiritual retreat for the members of the new council at the San Alfonso de Suba Seminary, where the preacher Fr. Gabriel Naranjo guided the leaders in the joint construction of this new project, based on spiritual discernment and highlighting the importance of ecclesial principles and the Redemptorist charism.

On Wednesday, December 6th, the provincial government members met at the curia headquarters to plan the work of the new Unit, focusing on assuming their responsibilities in a collegial and fraternal spirit.

Thursday, December 7th, was marked by significant meetings, including a meeting with Fr. César Torres, appointed coordinator of the Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as a virtual meeting with Superior General Rogério Gomes, and in person with Fathers Francisco Stanula and Jairo Díaz, members of the General Council. During the day, the restructuring process was discussed, emphasising the attitude of conversion, solidarity and availability, guided by the seven guiding principles. The Superior General encouraged the new government to reflect on the province they wished to build. In the evening, the local community of La Soledad in Bogotá organised a Marian gathering to entrust the new Unit to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, culminating in a joyful dinner-gaudeamus.

On December 8th, the Andean-Caribbean Unit celebrated the feast of the Immaculate Conception with a solemn Eucharist in which the decree of suppression of the (vice) province of Caracas and the provinces of Quito and Bogotá and the creation of the New Unit were read out. At the same time, the Provincial Superior and his council were installed, followed by a fraternal lunch to conclude a special day full of trust in God and joy as a Redemptorist family.

In conclusion, the birth of the Andean Caribbean Unit represents a significant milestone for the Redemptorist family, marked by days of reflection, fraternal meetings and spiritual moments. The day of the spiritual retreat, the meetings with different confreres and the official celebration on December 8th consolidated the commitment of the provincial government members to the new mission. With the suppression of previous provinces and the creation of this Unit, the Redemptorist family embarks on a new stage full of hope, trusting in divine guidance and committed to the ecclesial principles and the Redemptorist charism. The Andean Caribbean Unit stands as a beacon of conversion, solidarity and availability, ready to build a province that reflects the fundamental values of our Redemptorist being.

Fr. Óscar David Tarazona Trujillo, C.Ss.R.

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